Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM) Digic STACKED

Component name in database: Digic STACKED
Component type: Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM)
Used in: Canon 1Dx mark II; Canon 1Dx2; Canon DS126561; Canon EOS 1Dx mark 2; Canon 5D mark IV; Canon 5D4; Canon 650D; Canon EOS 650D; Canon Rebel T4i; Canon 750D; Canon EOS 750D; Canon Rebel T6i; Canon DS126571; Canon 760D; Canon EOS 760D; Canon DS126481; Canon 77D; Canon DS126651; Canon EOS 77D; Canon 7D mark II; Canon 7D2; Canon 800D; Canon EOS 800D; Canon DS126661; Canon 90D; Canon EOS 90D; Canon D10; Canon PC1352; Canon EOS M10; Canon EOS M5; Canon EOS R; Canon DS126721; Canon G10; Canon PC1305; Canon G11; Canon PC1428; Canon G12; Canon PC1564; Canon G15; Canon G16; Canon G1x; Canon PC1674; Canon G1x m2; Canon PC2049; Canon G7; Canon PC1210; Canon G7x; Canon PC2155; Canon G9; Canon PC1250; Canon Ixus 1000; Canon Ixus 1000 HS; Canon PC1561; Canon PowerShot SD4500IS; Canon Ixus 1100; Canon PC1679; Canon Ixus 120; PowerShot SD940 IS; Canon PC1430; Canon Ixus 125; Canon PC1733; Canon Elph 110; Canon Ixus 127; Canon Ixus 210; Canon PC1467; Canon IXY 10S; Canon Ixus 220; PowerShot 300 HS; Canon PC1591; Canon Elph 300; Canon Ixus 30; PowerShot SD200; IXY Digital 40; Canon PC1102; Canon Ixus 300; Canon Ixus 300HS; Canon Ixus 310; Canon PC1584; Canon Elph 500HS; Canon Ixus 40; PowerShot SD300; Digital ELPH 40; IXY Digital 50; Canon PC1101; Canon Ixus 50; Canon PowerShot SD400; Canon PC1150; Canon Ixy 55; Canon Ixus 500HS; Canon PC1736; Canon ELPH 520HS; Canon Ixus 510HS; Canon PC1735; Canon Ixus 55; PowerShot SD450; IXY Digital 60; Canon PC1158; Canon Ixus 60; PowerShot SD600; IXY Digital 70; Canon PC1193; Canon Ixus 65; PowerShot SD630; IXY Digital 80; Canon PC1147; Canon Ixus 70; PowerShot SD1000; Canon PC1228; Canon Ixus 700; PowerShot SD500; IXY Digital 600; Canon PC1114; Canon Ixus 75; PowerShot SD750; IXY Digital 90; Canon PC1227; Canon Ixus 750; PowerShot SD550; IXY Digital 700; Canon PC1169; Canon Ixus 80; PowerShot SD1100 IS; Canon PC1271; Canon Ixus 82; Canon Ixus 800; PowerShot SD700 IS; IXY Digital 800 IS; Canon PC1176; Canon Ixus 85; PowerShot SD770 IS; IXY Digital 25 IS; Canon PC1262; Canon Ixus 90; PowerShot SD790 IS; IXY Digital 95 IS; Canon PC1261; Canon Ixus 900; PowerShot SD900; IXY Digital 1000; Digital IXUS 900Ti; Canon PC1206; Canon Ixus 960; PowerShot SD950 IS; IXY Digital 2000 IS; Canon PC1248; Canon Ixus 970; PowerShot SD890 IS; IXY Digital 820 IS; Canon PC1266; Canon Ixus 980; PowerShot SD990 IS; IXY Digital 3000 IS; Canon PC1332; Canon Ixus 990; Canon PC1357; Canon PowerShot SD970IS; Canon Ixus i zoom; PowerShot SD10; Canon PC1144; Canon Ixus Wireless; PowerShot SD430; Canon PC1190; Canon M50; Canon EOS M50; Canon PC2328; Canon S100; Canon PC1675; Canon S200; Canon PC2033; Canon S5; Canon PC1234; Canon S90; Canon S95; Canon SX1; Canon PC1331; Canon SX20; Canon PC1438; Canon SX200; Canon SX200IS; Canon PC1339; Canon SX210; Canon PC1468; Canon SX220; Canon PC1620; Canon SX230; Canon PC1587; Canon SX240; Canon PC1743; Canon SX240HS; Canon SX260; Canon PC1742; Canon SX270; Canon PC1888; Canon SX275; Canon SX40; Canon PC1680; Canon SX50; Canon PC1817; Canon SX540; Canon PC2157; Canon SX60; Canon SX700; Canon PC2091; Canon TX1;
Notes: none