Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM) Digic 4 CK4-1249

Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM) Digic 4 CK4-1249
Component name in database: Digic 4 CK4-1249
Component type: Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM)
Used in: Canon 1100D; Canon DS126291; Canon Rebel T3; Canon EOS Kiss X50; Canon 1200D; Canon EOS 1200D; Canon DS126491; Canon Rebel T5; Canon 600D; Canon DS126311; Canon Rebel T3i; Canon 60D; Canon EOS 60D; Canon DS126281; Canon A1200; Canon PC1586; Canon A2200; Canon PC1585; Canon A3200; Canon PC1590; Canon A3300; Canon PC1589; Canon A3350; Canon Ixus 115; Canon PC1588; Canon Ixus 115HS; Digital Elph 100; Canon Ixus 117; Canon PC1588; Canon Ixus 117HS; Canon SX130; Canon PC1562; Canon SX150; Canon PC1677; Canon SX30; Canon PC1560; Canon SX510; Canon PC2008;
Notes: none
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