Component name in database: DSP STACKED
Component type: Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM)
Used in: Canon 200D; Canon EOS 200D; Canon 6D mark II; Canon 6D2; Canon 6D mark 2; Canon DS126631; Canon 80D; Canon DS126591; Canon EOS 80D(W); Canon EOS M6 mark II; Canon EOS M6 2; Canon M62; Canon G7x mark II; Canon PC2270; Canon G9x; Canon SX710; Canon PC2194; Fujifilm F20; Fujifilm F30; Fujifilm X-Pro2; Fujifilm X-Pro3; Fujifilm X-T2; Fujifilm XT2; Fujifilm X-T20; Fujifilm XT20; Fujifilm X-T3; Fujifilm XT3; Fujifilm X-T30; Fujifilm XT30; GoPro Hero6; GoPro Hero7; Leica Q (Typ 116); Nikon 1S1; Nikon 1 S1; Nikon D3300; Nikon D3400; Nikon D500; Nikon D5300; Nikon D5600; Nikon D7100; Nikon D7200; Nikon D750; Nikon D7500; Nikon D810; Nikon D850; Nikon J3; Nikon 1 J3; Nikon 1J3; Nikon V2; Nikon 1V2; Nikon Z50; Nikon Z6; Nikon Z6 mark II; Nikon Z6m2; Nikon Z6 2; Nikon Z7; Panasonic FT5; Panasonic DMC-FT5; Panasonic FZ100; Panasonic FZ1000; Panasonic G3; Panasonic DMC-G3; Panasonic G7; Panasonic DMC-G7; Panasonic G80; Panasonic DMC-G80; Panasonic G85; Panasonic DMC-G85; Panasonic GF7; Panasonic GH2; Panasonic GH3; Panasonic DMMC-GH3; Panasonic GH4; Panasonic DMMC-GH4; Panasonic GH5; Panasonic DC-GH5; Panasonic GX7; Panasonic DMC-GX7; Panasonic GX80; Panasonic H100; Panasonic SDR-H100EE; Panasonic H85; Panasonic SDR-H85EE; Panasonic HS80; Panasonic HDC-HS80; Panasonic LF1; Panasonic LX100; Panasonic LX15; Panasonic DMC-LX15; Panasonic LX5; Panasonic LX7; Leica D-LUX 6; Panasonic S50; Panasonic SDR-S50; Panasonic S70; Panasonic SDR-S70; Panasonic SD800; Panasonic HDC-SD800P; Panasonic TZ20; Panasonic TZ30; Panasonic TZ40; Panasonic TZ60; Panasonic TZ61; Panasonic V760; Panasonic HC-V760; Ricoh GR III; Ricoh GR 3; Ricoh GR mark 3; Samsung EX1; Samsung ST96; Samsung WB700; Samsung WB690; Samsung WB750; Sony A3000; ILCE-3000; Sony A37; Sony SLT-A37; Sony A5100; Sony ILCE-5100; Sony A58; Sony SLT-A58; Sony A6400; Sony ILCE-6400; Sony A6500; Sony ILCE-6500; Sony A7 (3); Sony A7 III; Sony A7 mk III; Sony ILCE-A7M3; Sony A7M3; Sony A7 (4); Sony A7 IV; Sony A7 mk IV; Sony A7M4; Sony ILCE-A7M4; Sony A77; Sony SLT-A77V; Sony A7R (3); Sony ICLE-7RM3; Sony A7R mark III; Sony A7RM3; Sony A99; Sony SLT-A99V; Sony CX405; Sony HDR-CX402; Sony CX550; Sony HDR-CX550E; Sony CX740; Sony HDR-CX740E; Sony H10; Sony H20; Sony H3; Sony H50; Sony H7; Sony H9; Sony HDR-CX110; Sony HX1; Sony HX100V; Sony HX10V; Sony HX10; Sony HX20; Sony DSC-HX20; Sony HX200; Sony DSC-HX200; Sony HX5; Sony DSC-HX5V; Sony HX50; Sony HX80; Sony DSC-HX80; Sony HX9V; Sony HXR-NX3; Sony ILCE-3500; Sony A3500; Sony NEX-3N; Sony NEX-5R; Sony NEX-5T; Sony NEX-F3; Sony PJ530E; Sony HDR-PJ530E; Sony RX100; Sony DSC-RX100; Sony RX100 II; Sony DSC-RX100M2; Sony RX100 V A; Sony DSC-RX100M5A; Sony RX100M5A; Sony T100; Sony T2; Sony T20; Sony T200; Sony T300; Sony T70; Sony T700; Sony DSC-T700; Sony T90; Sony T99; Sony DSC-T99; Sony TX1; Sony TX100V; Sony TX20; Sony TX5; Sony TX55; Sony TX7; Sony W110; Sony W115; Sony W120; Sony W130; Sony W150; Sony W170; Sony W200; Sony W210; Sony W220; Sony W230; Sony W270; Sony W290; Sony W300; Sony W350; Sony W360; Sony W390; Sony W80; Sony W90; Sony WX1; Sony WX50; Sony DSC-WX50; Sony WX60; Sony WX7; Sony WX80; Sony WX9; Sony XR150; Sony HDR-XR150E;
Notes: none