Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM) ZR364263NCCG (13S)

Component name in database: ZR364263NCCG (13S)
Component type: Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM)
Used in: Nikon A100; Nikon S2600; Nikon S2700; Nikon S2750; Nikon S2800; Nikon S2900; Nikon S3100; Nikon S3200; Nikon Coolpix S3200; Nikon S3300; Nikon Coolpix S3300; Nikon S3400; Nikon S3500; Nikon S4100; Nikon S4150; Nikon S4200; Nikon S4300; Nikon S4400; Panasonic FS50; Samsung DV100; Samsung ES95; Samsung PL120 rev. 1; Samsung PL120 rev. 2; Samsung PL121; Samsung PL210; Samsung PL211; Samsung ST66; Samsung ST68; Samsung ST75; Samsung ST76; Samsung ST78; Samsung ST77; Samsung ST88; Samsung ST90; Samsung ST91; Samsung ST93;
Notes: none