Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM) Sanyo EV5XA

Component name in database: Sanyo EV5XA
Component type: Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM)
Used in: Kodak Z990; kodak KKL-Z990(B); Nikon AW100; Nikon L120; Nikon L310; Nikon P500; Nikon P7100; Nikon coolpix P7100; Nikon S100; Nikon S1200; Nikon S1200 PJ; Nikon S9100; Olympus SH21; Olympus SH-21; Olympus SP620; Olympus SP-620UZ; Olympus SZ10; Olympus SZ-10; Olympus SZ11; Olympus SZ12; Olympus SZ-12; Olympus SZ14; Olympus SZ20; Olympus SZ-20; Olympus SZ30; Olympus SZ-30MR; Pentax WG1; Pentax Optio WG-1; Pentax WG10; Pentax Optio WG-10;
Notes: none