Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM) ZR36442BGCF (6P)

Component name in database: ZR36442BGCF (6P)
Component type: Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM)
Used in: Acer CI-6330; Kodak C340; Kodak C433; Kodak C503; Kodak C533; Konica E500; Olympus C370; Olympus X450; Olympus D535; Olympus C-370 Zoom; Olympus FE100; Olympus X710; Olympus FE110; Olympus X705; Olympus FE115; Olympus X715; Pentax Optio 50; Pentax Optio 50L; Pentax Optio 60; Pentax S40; Pentax Optio S40; Pentax S55; Pentax Optio S55; Rekam 50M; Rekam ILook 500; UFO DC5345; UFO DC6345;
Notes: none