Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM) ZR36473BGCF (9S)

Component name in database: ZR36473BGCF (9S)
Component type: Primary DSP/CPU and (RAM)
Used in: Benq DC 640; Ergo DC717; Ergo DC7375; Kodak M1073; Nikon L10; Nikon L11; Nikon S520; Olympus FE20; Olympus X15; Olympus C25; Olympus FE210; Olympus X775; Olympus X-775; Olympus FE-210; Olympus FE220; Olympus X785; Olympus X-785; Olympus FE-220; Olympus FE270; Olympus X815; Olympus C510; Olympus FE290; Olympus X825; Olympus FE310; Olympus X840; Olympus C530; Olympus FE330; Olympus X845; Olympus C550; Olympus FE350; Olympus FE360; Olympus C570; Olympus X875; Pentax E10; Polaroid I1035; Polaroid I531; Ricoh RR730; Samsung D70; Samsung S1060; Samsung BL1050; Samsung S85; Sony S650; Sony S700; Sony S730; Sony S750; Sony S780; Sony S800; UFO DC640; UFO DC710; UFO DC718; Ergo DC718; UFO DC7375;
Notes: none

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